lippy kid (sophieisgod) wrote in davidoakesfans,
lippy kid

!REACTION POST - Pillars of the Earth - Episode 4

Late, late, I'm sorry!

We know not everyone is watching live so do feel free to drop in whenever you get around to seeing the ep - there's always someone around to make awkward jokes about inappropriate Hamleigh familial relations and/or henchmen.

If you've read the book and want to talk about stuff that's upcoming in future episodes, please clearly label your comment as spoilery in the subject line so that others can avoid it if they choose.
Tags: ! reaction post, project: pillars of the earth
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Deleted comment

Gads, I haven't watched it yet either! CLEARLY WE ARE FAIL!MODS. Tomorrow night?

Deleted comment

Right on, ping me when you're free. GOD SUBCONSCIOUS, YOU'RE NOT EVEN BEING SUBTLE.