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David Oakes Fans

For Fans of Actor David Oakes
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d a v i d o a k e s f a n s

This is a community for British actor David Oakes. Whether you've just spotted him in the new mini-series Pillars of the Earth, caught him in last year's ITV drama Trinity or are a long time fan from his days on the stage (in which case, we applaud you!) - this community is for everyone to discuss our favourite floppy haired, folk-loving actor! David has also had a few small appearances on television (Bonekickers, Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant), has directed a few plays of his own and will also star in Showtime's upcoming series The Borgias. * This community is still a baby, so please be patient while we get everything set up!

Everything is still brand new and being put into place so (for now!) all you have to remember is:

1. No foul play! Let's keep this place nice and friendly. If you have a problem with something/someone, please contact a mod.

2. If you'd like to discuss episodes of Pillars of the Earth as they air, please do it under a cut. We don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet (consider anything a spoiler for about a week after an episode airs).

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