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!REACTION POST - Pillars of the Earth - Premiere

Right! Tonight is the American and Canadian premiere of the first two episodes of The Pillars of the Earth. EXCITING STUFF. And here is the place to express that excitement!

Obviously, David-centric reactions are great, but feel free to discuss other aspects of the episodes.

If you've read the book and want to talk about stuff that's upcoming in future episodes, please clearly label your comment as spoilery in the subject line so that others can avoid it if they choose.

Reaction posts will go up before the episode each week; for now, have fun! Enjoy his ginger malevolence!
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I just watched the first 2 eps and OMG these are fantastic! David was a nice surprise; I have never seen any of his other work. I'm sooo looking forward to Borgias (forgive me if I mispelled that) b/c I just learned from imbd that he will star in that. Yay! He's fantastic-literally stole the scenes I saw him in Pillars. I'm really enjoying Pillars and now I'll have to check out the book!
Hello, hello! I'm ridiculously excited about Borgias - I read a fabulously trashy novel about them years ago :) Obviously the involvement of Neil Jordan, Jeremy Irons etc suggests it will be sliiightly less trashy than my fifteen-year-old self might have dreamed, but still. Excited! It's such a fantastic cast.

Also, ohgod incesty weirdness with his mother. WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME, ROSS?!
I know, augh! Although the fact his mum is Sarah Parish does go some way to explaining things. YOU CAN'T FOOL US WITH YOUR PRETENDY BIRTHMARK, SHOW, WE KNOW SHE IS DIVINE.